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The impactmania program Human Mind and Migration — in collaboration with the Art, Design & Architecture Museum, Neuroscience Research Institute, and Department of Religious Studies (UCSB) — consists of an interdisciplinary internship program and global partners to deliver a suite of interviews, interactive presentations, and performances.

Considering the present historical moment and the sociopolitical and environmental cocktail of issues related to migration—from the consequences of climate change to public policymaking such as forest fires; rising housing prices; and ongoing threats of human warfare—it is more urgent than ever to provide platforms for meaningful broad-based engagement to take place. We want to help translate and bring into sharper view the rich insights and knowledge being produced in more remote corners of the intellectual/artistic landscape, so that the 7 billion homo sapiens presently living (and migrating) on earth can imagine the most optimal and realistic future for themselves and the planet.

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Artist Shraddha Borawake's migration path. Share your own story via the anonymous survey below.
Visual Concept by Shraddha Borawake, inspired by her ongoing artistic practice Garb_Age. 


Hostile Terrain 94: Art as a Means for Political Change

On their first Friday back at UC Santa Barbara after returning from Winter Break, a group of student-interns walked into a new exhibit they were assigned to facilitate at the Art, Design & Architecture Museum. Skylar Lines, a 20-year old from Napa, California, gawked at the large wall immediately apparent from the entrance — remarkable not for its artistic extravagance but it’s blankness.

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We are interested in hearing the story of where you have come from, where you are now, and where you are heading. 

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Help us uncover the stories of the increasing number of people who are affected by migration, focusing on people's contributions to the cultural, social, and economic wealth of their new communities. We’d like to inspire a global dialogue and encourage solutions-based work that improves constructive outcomes for people involved on all sides of the issue.

Your involvement is needed to collect and check data, research and publish stories, uncover valuable findings about migration and the human experience, building a highly community participatory program.

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We'd like to gather stories that the overall media fails to cover. The vast majority of migrants are law-abiding and tax-paying citizens—contributing to the social, cultural, and economic richness of a society. We'd like to capture the stories of you and your journey to neutralize the word migration by showing that human experience, understanding, and triumph is what connects us all.

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